Sunday, 15 March 2015

Facts about Kerala Postal Service

The name ‘Anchal’ was first given to early postal system by ___________.
Symbol of the ‘Anchal’ stamps of Travancore was of ______________.
‘Anchal’ system of Travancore was introduced during the period of Anizham thirunal Marthandavarma.  In which year?
Early postman of Travancore were known as ___________.
Anchal Pillai
First post office of Travancore was started in 1852 in Alappuzha . During the time of whom?
Uthram Thirunal Marthandavarma
Telegraph system was introduced in Travancore in the year?
Paper was used instead of palmyra in Travancore Postal Service in the year?
Postal savings scheme is introduced in 1947. During the time of which Diwan?
Raghava Iyer
In which year Anchal service was amalgamated with Telgraph department?
1951 April
Kerala Postal Service and Telegraph department came into existence in?
1961 July 1
Pincode system was started in Kerala in which year?
1972 August 15
Where was the first speed post centre of Kerala started? In which year?
Eranakulam, 1986 November
Malayalam Telegraph was started in which year?
The Telegraph system was stopped in ______.
2013 July 15
Kerala Postal Circle includes which places?
Kerala, Lakshadweep, Mahe
The post office in Kerala which handles only foreign letters?
Cochin Foreign Office
The district of Kerala with most number of Post offices?
The district of Kerala with least number of Post offices?

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